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Susan and Leslie is a short documentary following a married couple from Arkansas with visual impairments as they get ready for their weekly trip to the grocery store.

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Susan & Leslie

Director(s): Claire Barnett

Tabby is taken by surprise when her date Patrick abruptly reveals his odd bedroom quirk. She's initially put off, but soon finds herself feeling a little ambivalent, even intrigued.

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That Thing

Director(s): Dan Roe

Grand Jury Prize for Unstoppable. A father struggles to connect with his son, who grows to love a language not native to his tongue.

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The Bin

Director(s): Jocelyn Tamayao

A robber's plan goes horribly awry when he discovers that the store he has targeted is full of disabled people.

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The Co-Op

Director(s): Cameron S. Mitchell

'What are my nipples for?' Ron asks after reading about a Celtic fertility ritual. When he struggles to find an answer he begins to wonder what this means for the rest of his existence and falls into ...

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The History of Nipples

Director(s): Bailey Tom Bailey

“The Knits” straddles a liminal filmic space between performance-for-video and contemporary fairy tale. A mother lovingly and arduously knits a sweater. Simultaneously this same sweater unravels a...

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The Knits

Setup in San Francisco, following the 2011 Arab Spring that left Egypt in political unrest. Simsim—a young Egyptian immigrant with a wooingly contagious laugh seeks asylum in the United States. Out ...

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The Laughing Woo Woo

Director(s): Amir Youssef

David Albert Pierce is the Managing Member of Pierce Law Group LLP, a full-service boutique law firm established in 1996 in Beverly Hills, California, serving the creative community and emerging start...

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The Producer's Legal Guide to COVID-19 Your Rights and Obli...

The rigidity of a historical fact rolls by like clouds, or maybe like cloud-computing. Digital landscapes like desktops, trash cans, and cursors flatten the sensation of what tangibly remains: the inv...

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The Wind

Director(s): Miranda Javid

There Were Four of Us tells a dream journey that travels through a room where four characters are trapped, through moments in their lives and through the symbol of death that connected them together.

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There Were Four of Us

Director(s): Cassie Shao

Dale lives a solitary life in a small town, his only outlet being conversations with the local pharmacist Mohammad. As time passes, Dale slowly begins to reveal more of his life and history to Mohamma...

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Director(s): Christopher Bell

"Brett’s Grammar School is filled with identical students and teachers… called Brett. The Brett’s are obsessed with one sport - tunnel ball. A new student, Bret, arrives and steals the show on h...

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Tunnel Ball

Director(s): Davis Jensen

The best marketing plan begins before production and then continues to evolve as your film moves forward. So say the experts but on a micro budget that's easier said then done. Doing something is esse...

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Turn On Your Film A Step-by-Step Marketing Plan

"Can an A.I. be creative? An artificial intelligence (A.I.) computer watched the Hitchcock classic “Vertigo” 20 times in a row and then it made its own disturbing movie. With machine-generated i...

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Vertigo A.I.

Director(s): Chris Peters

An educational film about some lesser known vitamins.

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Vitamins For Life

Director(s): Grier Dill

“Walls of Sand,” directed by Erica Jordan, is notable for being the first contemporary feature film to be available in its entirety on the internet. The story follows a unique friendship between a...

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Walls of Sand

Director(s): Erica Jordan

In this stop-motion horror short, a couple enlists the aid of a mysterious figure to help them with their seemingly insurmountable laundry problem.

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Director(s): Michael Bartolomeo

Short filmmaking has been called "the laboratory of cinema" but increasingly it's more than just a place where filmmakers experiment and learn. Making a short, getting it into a festival or attracting...

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What the F K Do I Do With My Short Film

First presented in 2022. Slamdance alumni, Cast & Crew and Media Services experts come together to share their experience and advice for emerging filmmakers, covering an array of production topics in...

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When I Was You I Wish I Knew: Stepping Up Your Next Producti...

A landscape of the external world. A landscape of the internal world. Person spinning on the planet. Alone before annihilation. Whirling out! The point at which it breaks...holding on by a thread.

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World on a String

Director(s): Spencer Holden

You Never Had It - An Evening with Bukowski is a documentary from director Matteo Borgardt that transports you back to January 1981 for an intimate evening conversation with legendary writer and poet ...

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You Never Had It: An Evening With Bukowski

Director(s): Matteo Borgardt

Emily Hagins has been watching and making movies since she was a small child. Now, a bit older at age 12, she recruits the aid of her supportive parents to produce, direct, shoot and edit her first fe...

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Zombie Girl: The Movie

Director(s): Justin Johnson, Aaron Marshall, Erik Mauck

While traveling on an intergalactic highway, an alien picks up an earthling sci-fi movie trailer featuring a CGI alien who looks just like him. Believing this is his true calling, the alien travels t...

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Zorg II

Director(s): Auden Lincoln-Vogel