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As two former classmates dig into their deceased professor’s set of cassette tapes (which possibly contain recordings of strange signals from beyond the stars) they begin to feel their memories, the...

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A Black Rift Begins to Yawn

Director(s): Matthew Wade

"Big Fur" is a wry portrait of an eccentric artist-hero, immersed in his defining project. Taxidermist Ken Walker has an unshakable belief that eventually he’ll find true love. Or the hairy, 800-pou...

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Big Fur

Director(s): Dan Wyne

A resourceful ambient film starring professional inline street skater Gavin Drumm gliding through the night and cameos from Sydney comedy royalty Lauren McNaught, Annie Schofield, André Shannon and K...

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Night on Floating Island

Director(s): Jen Atherton

A collection of vignettes involving people in everyday moments who are tethered by umbilical cords to otherworldly beings.

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Director(s): Grace Rex

Initially inspired by the Tang dynasty poem Song of the Wanderer and Red Threads as lines of fate in Chinese culture, the artist utilizes a combination of Live-action Cinema, Sims 4 Machinima, Browser...

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Red Threads (我很爱你)

Director(s): Yuchi Ma

A man is sitting on the toilet in a public restroom when he’s interrupted by a child crawling into his stall. He begins to panic when the kid won't leave no matter how emphatically he asks. What fol...

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Director(s): Eric Rich