Newly Added

After an accident, a man is forced to live with limitations. His everyday life is characterized by isolation and strenuous rehabilitation. A reflection on falling and getting up.

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Fallen (To Fall)

Director(s): Ivan Morales Jr.

A presentation based on attraction of Grillz which characters are shown adapting to the powers the piece comes with and what they portray them as in their reality.

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Grillz & Mirrors

Director(s): Michael U. Olowu

Determined to become the most inspirational disabled person ever, Madeleine Stewart embarks on a journey to become a Paralympian.

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Inspire Me

Director(s): Sophie Saville

Two sleazy tourists have the night of their lives at a Karaoke bar in the Azores after meeting an alluring young singer.

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Karaoke Night

Director(s): Francisco Lacerda

A cinematic experience of the New York subways, featuring the commuters, panhandlers, and performers passing through.

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Subway Stops

Director(s): Joe Zakko

Susan and Leslie is a short documentary following a married couple from Arkansas with visual impairments as they get ready for their weekly trip to the grocery store.

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Susan & Leslie

Director(s): Claire Barnett