In a dystopian present, an immaterial catastrophe spreads at the speed of data, traveling in waves. Social isolation. A contagious phenomenon makes people disappear. Empty city, virtual communication ...

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Director(s): Gabriela Monnerat, Rodrigo Amim

Strange experiences and realizations lead a grieving artist to reconsider his identity and beliefs in this meditation on loss, family and mental illness.

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A Family That Steals Dogs

Director(s): John C Kelley

Utilizing archival footage and stop-motion animation, Black Dog is set during the US and USSR space race of the 1960's amidst a time of heated social and political tension. Two brothers must deal with...

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Black Dog

Director(s): Joshua Tuthill

Hell goes animated as apocalyptic graphic novel artwork and eerie Victorian toy theater converge in this subversively satiric update of a literary classic. Reinterpreted with the use of intricately ha...

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Dante's Inferno

Director(s): Sean Meredith

Exploiting πŸ’‰ the female β€œgrotesque” πŸ‘„ I examine the superficial 🌈 construct of reality 🍩 and play with the voluptuous πŸ”₯ danger lurking beneath the sticky πŸ’‹ sweet surface 🍰.

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Desert Air

Director(s): ANDiLAND

Portrait of a small dairy town in the tropics.

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Don't Buy Milk

Director(s): Julian Gallese

After an accident, a man is forced to live with limitations. His everyday life is characterized by isolation and strenuous rehabilitation. A reflection on falling and getting up.

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Fallen (To Fall)

Director(s): Ivan Morales Jr.

Grand Jury Prize for Animation Short Digging deep into the similarities and differences between the utopian world described in the ancient Chinese fable, Peach Blossom Spring, and the modern landscap...

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Return to the Peach Blossom Wonderland

Director(s): Haomin Peng,Yue Huang,Yuchao Luo

The rigidity of a historical fact rolls by like clouds, or maybe like cloud-computing. Digital landscapes like desktops, trash cans, and cursors flatten the sensation of what tangibly remains: the inv...

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The Wind

Director(s): Miranda Javid

There Were Four of Us tells a dream journey that travels through a room where four characters are trapped, through moments in their lives and through the symbol of death that connected them together.

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There Were Four of Us

Director(s): Cassie Shao

In this stop-motion horror short, a couple enlists the aid of a mysterious figure to help them with their seemingly insurmountable laundry problem.

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Director(s): Michael Bartolomeo

While traveling on an intergalactic highway, an alien picks up an earthling sci-fi movie trailer featuring a CGI alien who looks just like him. Believing this is his true calling, the alien travels t...

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Zorg II

Director(s): Auden Lincoln-Vogel