Santa Ana

Santa Ana

9 mins | Spain, United States | 2017

Director: César Pesquera
Release Year: 2017
Language: English (United States)
Subtitle: English (United States)
Country: Spain, United States
Genre: Comedy

Santa Ana elucidates the mysterious link between evil and the infamous Santa Ana Winds. The ""Red Wind"" originates inland and blows through the coastal Southern California. Legend has it that these extremely dry down-slope hot airs cause drastic mood swings among Angelenos, sparking tensions and uneasy wrathful human behaviors. Part documentary, part experimental video art, the film is a collection of visual allegories and testimonials from denizens of the deserts. Their bloodcurdling accounts, coupled with visual references from classic horror films, as well as literary works from authors like Joan Didion and Raymond Chandler, give the viewer a glimpse into the bleak landscape shaped by this wicked natural force.