74 mins | Canada | 2022

Director: Adrian Murray
Producer: Adrian Murray,Sennah Yee,Priscilla Galvez
Screenwriter: Adrian Murray
Editor: Marcus Sullivan
Cinematographer: John Palanca
Cast: Molly Reisman, Sofia Banzhaf, Bessie Cheng, Meelad Moaphi, Erik Anderson, Adrian Murray, Dean Tardioli, Meredith Heinrich, Peter Frangella, Joanne Steven
Genre Tags: Drama
Release Year: 2022
Language: English (Canada)
Country: Canada
Genre: Feature Film

After a jarring encounter with a police officer leaves her with a minor traffic citation, Molly becomes determined to get the ticket dismissed. But when her housemate refuses to testify as a witness, Molly’s pursuit escalates into a self-destructive obsession that threatens her job, her friends, and her morality. Disquieting and intimate, Retrograde explores truth, power, and accountability through a dryly comic lens.