Night on Floating Island

Night on Floating Island

13 mins | Australia | 2016

Director: Jen Atherton
Producer: Stephanie Bosnic
Cinematographer: Max Boutwell Draper
Cast: Freya Aisbitt, Kate Coates, Gavin Drumm, Jack Evans, John-Paul Murray, Annie Schofield, André Shannon, Rex Woods
Release Year: 2016
Language: English (United States)
Country: Australia
Genre: Experimental

A resourceful ambient film starring professional inline street skater Gavin Drumm gliding through the night and cameos from Sydney comedy royalty Lauren McNaught, Annie Schofield, André Shannon and Kate Coates. Night on Floating Island captures the nightscape of a changing neighbourhood which has since been demolished for new developments and freeways. A slow cinema skate film made in collaboration with a star skater, NOFI is all glide, no tricks, capturing the headspace and the observations of a meandering late night adventure.