A Great Lamp

A Great Lamp

79 mins | United States | 2019

Director: Saad Qureshi
Producer: Alison Donohue, Donald R. Monroe, Saad Qureshi
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Cinematographer: Donald R. Monroe
Cast: Max Wilde, Spencer Bang, Steven Maier
Release Year: 2019
Language: English (United States)
Subtitle: English (United States)
Country: United States
Genre: Drama

Max, a young vagabond, journeys through a small North Carolina river town pasting up fliers of their recently deceased grandmother, longing to keep her memory alive. Howie, on the run from a past too painful to talk about, listens to fountain pennies and grants wishes from within. Gene, a hapless loner with no way out, is trapped in an endless cycle of pretending to work at a job he quit months ago, fearful of his father's wrath if he ever found out. Together and apart, this trio of drifters haunts the wasted spaces and unused corners of their world, looking to the sky for a fabled rocket launch that might pull their eyes off the ground and turn their sorrows into something meaningful.