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January 2022

Playing January 27th-February 6th, 2022

2022 Slamdance Film Festival

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What better way to kick off our new streaming platform than by streaming more than 100+ films, filmmaker Q&As, industry panels, and more? The all-virtual 2022 Slamdance Film Festival is available exclusively on the Slamdance Channel! Subscribe now or purchase a pass to get 24/7 access to the entire Festival from January 27th-February 6th. Learn all about it here.

February 2022 and Beyond

Debuting February 7th, 2022

Walls of Sand

Director: Erica Jordan

It's only fitting that we add filmmaker Erica Jordan's Walls of Sand to the Slamdance Channel. Not only was the film part of the 1996 Slamdance Film Festival, it also happens to be the first feature film streamed in its entirety on the Internet. We couldn't resist having it be the first long-term film streaming on the Slamdance Channel, too! Read all about its history in the New York Times article here, and be among the first to stream it when it comes to the Slamdance Channel in February 2022. (Dial-up Internet connection optional.)


Also debuting February 7th:

Desolation Center

Director: Stewart Swezey

My Name is Myeisha

Director: Gus Krieger

Dante's Inferno

Director: Sean Meredith

Your Day is My Night

Director: Lynne Sachs

+ Dozens More:

Boni Bonita

Director: Daniel Barosa

History of Love

Director: Sonja Prosenc

Hurry Slowly

Director: Anders Emblem

I Want To Be An American

Director: Slam Collective

Markie in Milwaukee

Director: Ernest Nkosi

Memphis '69: The 1969 Memphis Country Blues Festival

Directors: Joe and Lisa LaMattina


Director: Heather Young

Punk The Capital

Directors: Paul Bishow, James Schneider


Director: Tim Tsai

The War At Home

Directors: Glenn Silber, Barry Brown

The Wind

Director: Michal Bielawski

You Never Had It: An Evening With Bukowski

Directors: Matteo Borgardt

Zombie Girl

Director: Aaron Marshall

A Walk Down To Water

Director: Levi Holwell

A$$ Level

Director: Alison Becker


Directors: Guillaume Fournier, Samuel Matteau, Yannick Nolin

Ape Sodom

Director: Maxwell McCabe-Lokos

Autumn Waltz

Director: Ognjen Petković

Ben Boyer and the Phenomenology of Automobile Branding

Director: Rian Johnson

Best Friend

Director: Cory Reeder

Black Dog

Director: Joshua Tuthill

Goodbye, Brooklyn

Director: Daniel Jaffe

Human Helper

Director: Shaina Ghuraya

Now 2

Director: Kevin Eskew

Old Young

Director: Emma Baiada

One Nation Under

Director: Justin McHugh

Our Boy

Director: Kyle Sims

Sadhu in Bombay

Director: Kabir Mehta

That Thing

Director: Dan Roe

The Bin

Director: Jocelyn Tamayao

The Troubled Troubadour

Director: Forest Ian Etsler


Director: Michael Bartolomeo

Zorg II

Director: Auden Lincoln-Vogel